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ZL401属铝-锌-硅系铸造铝合金。 由于有自然时效硬化特性, 合金可不经热处理而达到较高的强度。 铸造性能优良, 其流动性、 热裂性和气密性均接近于ZL101, 线收缩小, 吸气倾向大;焊接性良好, 相当于铝-硅系合金;由于含高较多的锌, 其切削性优于铝硅系合金;但耐蚀性低, 密度大。
该合金主要用于压力铸造, 也适合于砂型和金属型铸造。 可以用于制造仪表薄壁壳体压铸零件, 工作温度不宣超过200℃。
       ZL401 belongs tothe aluminum - zinc - silicon series cast aluminum alloy. Because of its natural aging hardening property, the alloy can reach high strength without heat treatment. It has excellent casting performanceand its liquidity, hot crack and gas tightness are close to that of ZL 101 It has small linear shrinkage and big inhale tendency. It has good weldability, which is equivalent to that of aluminum - silicon alloy. As it contains much zinc, its machinability is superior to that of aluminum-silicon series alloys. It has low corrosion resistance and big density.
This alloy is mainly used for pressure casting, and it is also suitable for sand mold and metal mold casting. It can be used to make die-casting parts for instrument thin-walled shellparts, and the working temperature should not exceed 200℃
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