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ZL301属铝-镁系铸造铝合金, 铸造性能差,流动性一般, 合金易于氧化和形成显微疏松, 气密性低。焊接性能、 切削性能良好 , 易于抛光且能保持抛光状态。抗蚀性突出(尤在海水中),自然时效后倾向于变脆。

该合金适于砂型铸造。 用于制造要求耐蚀性高的飞行器零件。

ZL301 belongs to thealuminum - magnesium series cast aluminum alloy, and has poor castability and general liquidity. The alloy is easy to be oxidized and form microporosity, with low air tightness. It has excellent welding and cutting performance, and is easy to polish and stay polished. lt has outstanding resistance to corrosion (especially ,n sea water), and 1t tends to become fragile after natural aging.
This alloy is suitable for sand mold casting and is used in the manufacture of aircraft parts that require high corros1on resistance.
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