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ZL205A属铝-铜-锰系高强度铸造铝合金,通过采用高纯原材料, 添加钛、 镉、 锆、 钒和硼等元素并施以严格的热处理工艺, 获得了目前世界上抗拉强度最高的-种铸造铝合金,真力学性能达到某些黑色金属和段造铝合金的水平。有T5、 T6、 T7三种状态可供选择.在T5状态具高良好的综合力学性能 , T6状态高最高的强度,T7状态具有高强度和较好的抗应力腐蚀性能。合金的铸造性能较铝-硅合金差, 疏松和热烈倾向大,但赂优于ZL201合金, 通过浇注系统的合理设计可获得组织致密、 性能良好的高强度优质铸件。具有良好的焊接性能, 易于补焊。切削和i窑削性能良好,合金在T5和T6状态有昂间腐蚀倾向 , 而在 T7状态无晶间腐蚀倾向 , 且具有优良的抗应力腐蚀性能。
该合金主要用于砂型铸造,也可用于熔模铸造和简单零件的金属型铸造。可用于制造承受较大载荷的铸件, 如飞机挂梁、 框、 肋、 支臂及导弹上连接框、 火箭发动机上的前裙、 后裙等重要承力件。
ZL205A is an aluminum - copper manganese cast aluminum alloy with high strength. By adopting high purity raw materials, adding vanadium, zirconium, titanium, cadmium, boron and other elements, and through strict heat treatment process, it produces a cast aluminum alloy that has the highest tensile strength in the world so far. Its mechanical performance has reached the level of that of some black metal and fa「ged aluminum alloy. There are three states of T5, T6, T7 for selection: in T5 state, it has good comprehensive mechanical properties; in T6 state, it has the highest strength; and in T7 state, it has high strength and good resistance to stress corrosion. Its cast performance is poorer than that of aluminum-silicon alloy but slightly better than that of ZL201 alloy, with bigger tendency of loosening and hot crack. High strength and high quality casts with compact structure and good performance can be obtained through reasonable design of gating system. It has good welding performance, and is easy for repairing welding. It has good cutting and grinding performance, and there is an inter granular corrosion tendency in T5 and T6 state. But in T7 state, there is no intergranular corrosion tendency. It has excellent resistance to stress corrosion.
This alloy is mainly used for sand mold casting. It can also be used for investment casting and the metal mold casting of simple components. It can be used to make casts that can bear heavy load, such as plane beam, frame, rib, arms and connection box on missile, front skirt and rear skit on rocket engine, and other important bearing parts.

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