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ZL107属可热处理强化的铝-硅-铜系铸造铝合金。合金具有良好的气密性, 流动性和抗裂性能较铝-硅合金差些, 但比固溶体型合金(铝-镁, 铝铜)好些, 吸气倾向较铝-硅合金小。合金具有良好的力学性能和切削加工性能, 但耐蚀性能较差。
适应于砂型铸造和金属型铸造。可用于铸造形状复杂, 璧厚不均, 高负荷的铸件, 如柴油发动机的曲轴箱、 钢琴用板片、框架、 油盖、 气缸头等。
ZL 107 is an aluminum- silicon - copper alloy that can be strengthened through heat treatment. It has good air tightness, and its liquidity and crack resistance is poorer than that of aluminum-silicon alloy, but better than that of solid solution alloys (aluminum, - magnesium, aluminum-copper). Its inhale tendency is smaller than that of aluminum- silicon alloy. The alloy has good mechanical properties and machinability, but has poor corrosion resistance.
It is suitable for sand mold and metal mold casting to make high load castings with complex shapes and uneven wall thickness, such

力学性能 Mechanical Property