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VW63Z是本所开发的一种新型高强耐热镁合金,该材料具有良好的常温力学性能和高温力学性能, 并编制了航天行业标准,拥有自主知识产权,技术水平达到国内领先,己在多个武器型号中实现批量、工程化应用,是一种在航空、航天领域很有应用前景的新型镁合金材料。

VW63Z is a new high strength heat resistant magnesium alloy developed by our institute, which has good mechanical prope叫ies under room temperature and high temperature. We have compiled aerospace industry standards for it, and it has independent intellectual property rights. The technology reached the domestic leading level, and has been applied in multiple weapon models for batch and engineering application. It is a new magnesium alloy material that has wide application prospects in aviation and aerospace fields.

力学性能 Mechanical Property