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ZM6是一种镁-钕-锆系合金, 由于合金钕元素中有较大的固溶度, 合金在固溶处理后接人工时效(T6)状态下,有良好的室温和高温性能。在室温下具有高的拉伸强度和中等塑性, 在高温250℃下同时具有良好蠕变、 持久强度和瞬时拉伸性能。该合金焊接性能良好, 力学性能壁厚效应小, 是一种综合性能良好的合金, 可用于高温下要求高强度和高气密性的零件, 以及在250℃下长期工作的零件。
ZM6 is a magnesium - neodymium - zirconium alloy. As neodymiumelementhas big solid solubility, the alloy has good performance under room temperature and high temperature in solid solution treatment after artificial aging (T6) state. Under room temperature, it has high tensile, and medium plasticity. And under high temperature of 250℃ , it has good creep strength and endurance strength, as well as instantaneous tensile properties. The alloy has good welding performance and small mechanical property wall thickness effect. It is an alloy with good comprehensive performance, which can be used for spare parts that require high strength and high air tightness under high temperature, as well as spare parts long-term working under 250℃ .